Dan Harris

Dan advises many of the world’s most systemically important hedge funds on their high-value financial transactions. He is also a specialist in boycotts, sanctions and divestment in the financial markets. He has been quoted by many major news outlets, including the Financial Times and the Jerusalem Post and is the author of the “Trojan Bourse”, analysing BDS in the financial markets. 

Recent engagements Include:
  • Advice on the impact of sanctions on a variety of hedge fund cash and synthetic portfolios, including treatment of dividends

  • Advice on ESG and BDS-related issues in the financial markets

  • Advice on the legal aspects of high value Treasury basis trades with notionals ˃ USD 1 billion

  • A series of structured rolling collars and put/calls for a UK local authority pension scheme to lock in equity price risk on a bespoke index, with a notional ˃ USD 1 billion

  • A series of sovereign and corporate loan total return swaps in a broad range of Asian and South American emerging markets, with a combined notional ˃ USD 1 billion

  • Advice on regulatory capital swaps on a notional ˃ USD 1 billion

  • Tail risk, ESG, financing and trading aspects of deliverable cash and carry arbitrage on EU carbon dioxide allowances (EUAs) on a notional ˃ USD 1 billion

  • LDI-related cash-settled thematic custom index exotic swaps with notional > US$ 1 billion

  • Sanctions advice relating to Cyprus trusts in complex capital structure behind secured financing transaction